Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bridal Shower Mini Albums with Deflecto Vinyl Pouches

Summer greetings!  There are many bridal showers and weddings happening this time of year!  My daughter got married last Summer and we had a bridal shower for her last July! I had lots of pictures to share and wanted to make a gift of a mini photo album for family and friends who were involved in the shower and wedding.  Deflecto flexible pouches are the perfect solution to keeping the photos pristine through a lot of handling.  I will show you how I made my mini albums below.  

You will need:

Deflecto:  Flexible Pouches 5" x 7" #20020CR; 3" x 5" #20019CR
Deflecto:  Pear Clip, 2-1/2" #20012CR (one for each album)
Websits:   (check out where to buy)

12 x 12" Memory Papers:  Contrasting papers of the same color family
Vinyl for lettering:  Colors of your choosing
Vinyl transfer paper
Paper Trimmer
Ribbons:  Colors of your choosing
Die-cutting machine


First, select your photos and make sure they are sized small enough to mat and apply to the background paper with plenty of area around each photo.

Select colors of solid and patterned papers that will coordinate throughout the mini album.  I used a 12" x 12" paper pad and they had already coordinated the papers!

Create a background for your page. Cut slightly smaller than 5" x 7" paper for your background page. Cut a mat paper slightly larger than the photo.  A double mat can be applied to the the focal point photo if you prefer.

Check your lay-out by not applying adhesive until you have placed the photos.  Dry placing the photos before applying adhesive is a sure way to get them the way you like them before adhering them to the page.

Working from the front of the album; right side up; you will need to reverse the position of each scrapbook page on the back or reverse side of each page.  I arranged each page and then inserted into the front and back of each pouch.

After completing all of the album pages; put them in a pile with all of the edges matching.  Cut a 4" x 7" piece of adhesive vinyl.  Adhere it to the top edges' front and back to "bind" the pages together.

Punch a hole in the vinyl matching to the holes in the stack of pouches.  Attach the pear clip.

Cut and tie ribbons to the pear clip.  One ribbon or ten!  Up to you! Trim the ribbon tails at an angle.

Cut a vinyl monogram B and adhere it to the front of the 3" x 5" pouch.
Cut the word Bride from another color of vinyl and adhere to the top of the B as shown.
I recommend cutting the letter and word from memory paper first to make sure it is the right size and fits on top of the pouch.


I made a mini album using the 3" x 5" pouches.  I used the same technique as shown above.  My daughter has a long haired dachshund named "Riley".  This mini album was dedicated to her. 

Below are a couple of pictures of Riley all decked out for the 4th of July!   

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Monday, July 3, 2017

A Patriotic up-cycle with Tape Technologies

You will need:

Ultra Metallic Vinyl:  Gold #127, Red 129, Blue 130
Electronic Die-cut Machine
Paper Trimmer
Re-cycled Jars:  I used large pickle and peppercini jars with smooth sides
Washi Tape:  Red & white chevron 
Jute 3 ply string


For cutting stripes:  Use the paper trimmer to cut strips of vinyl.  

For cutting shapes:  Use the electronic die cut machine for the stars.

Stripes on jar:  Cut 1" wide strips of vinyl in the length you will need for the jar.  Leave room above each stripe to adhere a 1-1/4" gold star.  Cut some longer 1/4" wide strips of the red vinyl and adhere one between each wider red stripe as shown.  Cut 1/4" stripes from the gold and adhere a piece to the center of each wide red stripe as shown in the photo given.  

Stars:  Cut 1-1/2" stars from the gold vinyl.  Adhere a star to the jar above each wide red stripe.

Finish:  Adhere washi tape around the neck of the jar.  Tie a piece of jute string below the tape and finish with a shoestring bow.

For the horizontal stripes:  Cut 3/4" x 12" strips using the paper trimmer.  Apply horizontally to the jar has shown; matching up the ends.  Cut 1-1/2" gold stars and apply around the jar between the horizontal stripes.

Finish with washi tape and jute as directed with the striped jar.

Cut 1" gold stars.  Adhere to the entire jar.  Finish with washi tape and jute string as for the striped jar.

**The "heart" USA is an acrylic block that I cut and applied vinyl to.  The vinyl works well on smooth flat surfaces.

I used my jars to decorate for a 4th of July celebration though I would use these all Summer long!
They will serve as decorative containers to hold napkins, silverware, straws, etc.  I would use this idea for other celebrations too.  Weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc.!  Whatever your mind can conceive and perceive, it can achieve!  That is a favorite saying of mine that came from Mary Kay Ash.

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I receive complimentary product in 
exchange for my creativity on this blog.