Saturday, June 25, 2016



Have you ever tried etching?  Here is a fixer-upper DIY project you might enjoy.  Vintage windows have been very popular the past few years.  I like them as much as anybody, but wasn't sure what I would do with them when I got home.  I decided to make my windows into family heirlooms that would grace our family room wall. 

I started with the larger window and etched the letters.  This project took a while where the smaller window that I am showing here today was much easier.  I blocked off the letters and etched all around them.  Read below to see how I did it!

I etched the smaller window with the word "FAMILY".  
You will need:

vintage window
etchallRetching creme
etchallR etchmask and etchmask transfer sheets
etchallR tools:  Squeegee
                     Detail Pick
painters Tape
die cut machine
alphabet letters cartridge
cardstock (for die-cutting sample letters)
spray bottle with water, paper towels, old hand towel

Here is the window before I used the etchallR  on it. It sure took me a long time to finally get it done, even though it has been hanging on the wall!  The blank window probably posed a question for company; but they were all too polite to ask!  I chose not to paint over the old paint on the frame.  I may change my mind one day, but for now I am leaving the original paint for an authentic vintage aesthetic!


1.  Clean and dry the glass surface thoroughly.

2.  Cut letters out of cardstock first to make sure you get the right size.  I cut a 4" F and the other letters are
      3".  I spaced the letters the way I wanted them and put a small piece of painter's tape below each letter         to mark where the bottom of the letter should sit when I adhere the etchmask letters.
 3.  Once you figure out the right size; you will cut out the etchmask with the etchmask transfer paper           attached to it.  If this is your first time using it; I would suggest going to the website and watching a video showing how you use the product.  Here is the link:
4.  Adhere the etchmask transfer paper to the etchmask and cut out the letters with the die-cut machine.  Adhere each letter to the glass above the painter's tape as shown.  Use the Squeegee to remove all of the air bubbles between the glass and etchmask.  Use the detail pick tool to remove the transfer paper from the top of the etchmask, leaving the etchmask firmly in place.

5.  Now comes the fun part.  Carefully pour out the etching creme over the entire surface of the glass.  Spread it using the squeegee and do not press down.  Spread the creme as though you were frosting a cake and make sure it is a thick layer.  Set the timer for 15 to 20 minutes.

6.  Make sure you have a spray bottle of water and paper towels handy.  I also used a soft hand towel.
When the time is up, carefully scoop up the etching creme with the squeegee and return it to the etchall creme bottle.  It will be "good to go" for more uses.  The creme will turn a dark brown color eventually; but it will still work.  

7.  Once all of the creme is back in the bottle; spray the surface with water and clean up with paper towels.  Remove all of the etchmask letters.  Continue cleaning the surface of the glass to remove any residue.  Dry thoroughly. I used the hand towel to make the surface nice and shiny.

8.  Attach a wire to the back of the window to hang.  The windows are fairly heavy so I used a molly toggle bolts to hang it on the wall.  Enjoy your masterpiece!

Oh!  I had a little helper today.  The kitty is always looking for a sweet spot to take a nap in....or maybe just to sit in to give me his support!  This is the spot he found today to watch me work.  I won't tell you what happened when he decided to get down; but it was more work for me!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Decorate the Office with Deflecto!

Have you heard of Deflecto?  There is a good chance that you haven't heard the name, but there is also a good chance that you have used the products they manufacture! 

The frame, four drawer cube and nameplate are shown below.  The frame is acrylic with a black border, the storage cube is clear, and the nameplate comes in silver and black.  I have customized each one to fit with my design studio and I show how I did it below.

Nameplate is decorated with washi tape, rhinestone flourish, paper flower and pearl cabachon.
The faux rhinestone trim comes on a roll and has a self-adhesive back.
The frame is decorated with the same supplies as the nameplate.  Washi tape across the top and bottom; the rhinestone flourishes and self-adhesive trim.  To complete the graphics for my nameplate and for the frame, I went to the free online SignCreatorat  This makes it easy and fun.
I put a removeable cover on the four drawer cube that is made out of cardstock and held together with washi tape.  I further embellished it with self-adhesive faux rhinestone trim. (I got it at Michaels one of the dollar bins).
Cut four 6" squares from one 12" piece of patterned cardstock.  Make sure the pattern on the paper is going in the right direction, matching up the pattern as well as possible.  Refer to photos below to see how they are put together.

Place the assembled cardstock cover over the cube.  Apply washi tape on the back side seams to secure. Decorate with the faux rhinestone self-adhesive trim.  Here is how it looks after you attach the papers to the cube.  You can change it up if you want to!

Hope you got a little inspiration here today. 


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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our DIY Wedding, a "Tied the Knot" Banner!

 We are looking forward to our daughter's wedding this Summer.  I have the perfect embroidered letters for the banner sentiment!  Follow along and I will show you how I made it!

You will need:

sign/banner hangers:  1 for each rosette  (Deflecto #20003CR)
JOY Letters:  3" tall alphabet letters to spell:  TIED THE KNOT
cardstock:  fifteen 12" x 12" sheets of teal & black double-sided (core'dinations)
ribbon:  2-1/2" gold wire edged; 1-1/2" sheer vintage white (3 yards of each)
paper trimmer
paper scorer
die-cut machine
die for scalloped circle
punch or die-cut for 2" circle, 1" circle
glue gun
jute string


1.  Score one 12" piece of cardstock at 1/2" intervals.  Score across the entire sheet.

2.  With the score marks going up and down; cut out four 3" x 12" rectangles from the paper.

3.  Fold the score lines back and forth like for a fan.  Repeat for all 4 pieces.

4.  Match the ends and glue together with the same color facing up.

5.  For each rosette:  When all sides are glued together/ lay the rosette flat and push it together until there is about a 1" hole in the center.  It can be tricky trying to hold it all together, but you can do it!  Apply hot glue around the opening.  Adhere one 2" circle to cover the hole.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Make sure everything is centered properly.  Make enough rosettes for each letter of your sentiment.  This design took 11 rosettes.

6.  For this banner; the colored rosettes are staggered; one teal next to one black, then repeated.
Reverse the 4" scallop circles and adhere black to teal, then glue the teal to a black rosette.  Refer to the photo given for this step.

7.  Lay the rosettes flat, rotating the colors; one next to the other.  Remove the adhesive from the back of one 3" Joy letter and adhere it to the 4" scalloped circle on the first rosette.  Be sure to spell everything correctly!  Repeat for each letter.

8.  To hang the banner:  Lay one rosette with the letter facing up if you are reading it.  Flip the rosette over and adhere a 1" circle of cardstock where the hanger will go.  Make sure it is centered with the middle of the letter on the opposite side and will hang straight when you thread it onto the jute.  Apply the adhesive to the back of one hanger and adhere the hanger to the 1" circle as shown.  Make sure the hole in the hanger is in the right position....going the right direction.  Repeat for each rosette.

9.  Once step 8 is accomplished; measure the jute string for the length you will need and double.  Thread two strands of the 3-ply jute string through the eye of each hanger.  **Designer note:  If you do not have the your rosettes evenly; right side facing up and glue the string between the rosette and another cardstock circle on the back.  It will be important to make sure everything is hanging at the appropriate angle for all of the letters to be straight.

10.  Tie a loop in each end of the jute so you can hang the banner.

11.  To finish:  Cut the ribbons in 8" lengths.  Tie 4 ribbons between each word and at each end of the banner.  Now it is ready to decorate your party!

**Designer note:  You can reduce the size of your rosettes by cutting them in 2" strips instead of 3" strips.  You can also use 3 strips of the scored cardstock for each rosette.  This will make the rosette a little lighter in weight.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bag up some JOY for the bride!

Wedding season is upon us and we have one coming up in our family.  Our daughter is the bride and we are going all-out with a DIY wedding.  Joy letters are perfect for personalizing shirts, bags and gifts for the bride and her attendants. 

I found everything I needed to make the bag at my local Michaels store.  This is a quick and easy project.  

The letters have a release paper on the back that when taken off reveal a tacky surface.  This allows you to place the letters where you want them.  It is sticky; but not permanent.  To make the letters adhere permanently; follow the manufacturer's directions and apply heat to the letters using an iron.

Supplies you will need:

Joy embroidered letters:  1-1/2" Lettershop to spell BRIDE.  The star is sold by itself.
Canvas bag:  black
Rhinstone:  clear
Tacky glue (for the rhinestone)

You will need an iron, ironing board and pressing cloth.

I also purchased a bandanna in one of the wedding colors.  It serves as a liner for the bag to hold other gifts and the bride can use it to tie her hair back or as a neck kerchief.  

I will be making bags for the bridal attendants but using smaller letters and in different colors.  Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid take a little more room on the bag!

I hope you got some inspiration here today, if you would like to leave a comment or question I love getting them.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Build a Treat Station with Deflecto Stackable Storage!

Storage is fun for the obvious things, right?  I decided to up the fun factor by putting together this DIY Candy, Gum and Nut treat station.  This is perfect for any party, get together, or as home decor.  It will be perfect in my design studio to provide treats for my guests.  We always get hungry when we are creating!

You will need: 

Acetate scrapbook paper:  I used four different designs of 8-1/2" x 11" papers
Americana Acrylic Paint by DecoArt:  Sea Aqua (to match the papers)
Wooden Ball knobs:  two 1-1/4"
Mod Podge:  Dimensional Magic by Plaid (for gluing)
Glitter cardstock:  12" x 12" gold
Die cutting machine (Cricut) to cut letters
Paper trimmer
Paintbrush, two 1/4" dowels (for paint handles)
Adhesive tape runnerYou will need:

*deflecto:  interlocking stackable storage (4 bins in unit #421103CR)

Here is the finished project!  Next, I will tell you how I did it.
1.  For each drawer:  Use the ruler to measure the height and width of the front of one bin drawer.  Cut the acetate to fit; apply small dots of adhesive to the right side of the acetate, top and bottom.  Adhere to the inside of the bin drawer.  Cut a contrasting paper to fit the inside of the back of the drawer.  I used an acetate with a cursive design on it.  This is just to add a little dimension.  Repeat for all four drawers.  Cut extra pieces of acetate to further decorate the top and sides of the unit if desired.

2.  Die cut the letters from the glitter cardstock.  My largest letters are 1-1/2"  The smallest are 3/4".  Make sure all of the cut letters fit on the bin drawer before you glue them down.  You will adhere them directly to the acrylic bin drawer as shown.  Use the Mod Podge dimensional magic as the adhesive for adhering the letters.  Apply small dots of adhesive to the acetate paper to adhere each piece to the acrylic.
3.  This is what the wooden knobs look like before you paint them.  Make sure you like the way they look on your treat station.  Some may prefer to leave it plain.

4.  Insert one end of the wooden dowel (or chopstick) into the pre-drilled hole of the ball knob.  Paint each knob and let dry thoroughly.

5.  Adhere the knobs to the top of the treat unit as shown using a dab of the dimensional magic adhesive for each.

There you have it!  You can attach your bins to each other as shown in the photo above, or keep them separate to place around your event or home.  How you decorate your storage bins is up to you.  The possibilities are endless!

Visit deflecto crafts Solutions at  for ordering information.

I hope you got some inspiration here today.  I love getting comments and questions.  You can leave one below!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Perpetual Calendar; Steampunk style!

You will need:

Smoothfoam: one 12" Scrapbook Mount
12" Scrapbook Tablet: Tim Holtz, "Destination" paper stash
12" cardstock:  one Slate, one Dark Brown
Decou-Page medium: Matt by Deco Art
Metallic Waxes:  Black and Copper by Deco Art; rag scraps for application
Craft Glue
Pigment Ink Pad, Black
Embellishments: 1-1/4" filigree butterflies, 1-1/2" filigree squares, 1" metal washers, brass paper fasteners,
                          1" h x 3" w doll eyeglasses, paper roses: 3/4", 1-1/4"
Tissue Paper:  matte gold, metallic gold
19 gauge wire, two pieces bent into 1/2" u -pins
2 tacks with a hook: used patented clear and round CraZy TACKz  (see link in credits below)
Artiste Cricut Cartridge by Close To My Heart (die-cut gears)  (see link in credits below)
PDF's:  (attached) Calendar Elements, Pattern for Wings, Gears

Cricut Die-cut machine
Paper Trimmers
Wire Cutters

1.  Wad the tissue into a ball.  Unfold and flatten out.  Apply Decoupage medium to the Smoothfoam,                 following manufacturer's instructions.  Tear tissue into large pieces; adhere to the entire surface.  Tear             large strips of the metallic gold tissue.  Adhere, leaving wrinkles in the tissue paper.  Allow to dry                   thoroughly, preferably overnight.

2.  Apply copper wax randomly to the textured surface, allowing the gold to show through in spots.  Repeat      with the black shimmer wax.  Apply the Shimmer Wax to the paper wings and to the filigree elements.

3.  Cut ephemera clocks from the Tim Holz papers.  The cardstock gears were die-cut.  A PDF file is                attached if these must be cut out by hand.  The larger gears are important for the over-all design.  The 1-      1/2" die-cut gears could probably be replaced by something purchased that will work the same.  There          are 22+ of the smaller gears that are adhered to the perpetual calendar pages.

4.  Chalk the edges of the ephemera and die-cuts with the Black pigment ink pad.

5.  Arrange and adhere ephemera to the textured Smoothfoam.

For the Calendar:

1.  Background:  Cut one 6-1/2" square and one 6" square from patterned cardstock.  Adhere the smaller          square to the larger square.  Center and adhere to the board.

2.  Months:  Cut twelve 1" x 2" rectangles.  Print out the attached PDF containing the months and dates.            Center and adhere "January" to the background paper.  Repeat with February and adhere to the                    backside of the January card.  Repeat for each month.

3.  Days:  Cut 22 2-1/2" x 3" rectangles.  Cut and adhere the days as for the Months, using the front and the      back of each card.

4.  To hang the cards:  Center and glue the bottom half of a 1-1/2" gear to the front of the January card.              Repeat; gluing one gear to the front of each card.

 To finish:
*  Cut the fasteners off of the brass paper fasteners and glue the round piece to the corners of the                     calendar as shown.  Repeat the process with two more brads only adhere one to the center of the 2 large     gears.
*  Center and glue the CraZy TACKz to the calendar.  Hang the perpetual calendar cards on the hooks.
*  Center the eyeglasses above the calendar cards.  Make 2 pilot holes for the wire u-pins.  Secure the             eyeglasses to the board.
*  Display on an easel or glue a saw-tooth hanger to the back.

You can add a couple more panels to the calendar for a larger piece of wall decor.  These last two photographs show an example of some Steampunk paper sculptured angels I made last year.  I make them in ornament size (6") as well as the taller ones as shown here.  Hope you have enjoyed the project!

Visit the Smoothfoam Blog (link) for lots more ideas using Smoothfoam products.

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PDF Patterns for gears and wings (link)

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