Sunday, June 4, 2017

Deflecto for Greeting Card Storage

I love my Deflecto storage! I can decorate it to fit with my studio decor; or wherever I decide to put it.  In this case; I am using the 4 bin tilt bin by Deflecto for my greeting card storage.  I  make my cards ahead and because I make a LOT of them, I end up having to put them away where I can't see them.  Problem solved with this tilt bin storage that is made to fit with the other sizes of tilt bin containers. The 4-1/2" x 5-1/4" cards fit nicely in the tilt-out bins.

By adding decorative burlap; some cording trim and a few other things, I upgraded my storage into a piece of decor that I will enjoy looking at.  Check out the photos below to see how to cut the burlap.

You will need:

Deflecto:  4 bin Craft Tilt Bin #20403CR
Burlap with a fleur de lei print
Trim:  1/8" beige cording (several yards)
Embroidered letters:  1" black to spell CARD
Cardstock:  Black
Pen:  White Chalk
Tacky glue


Follow the steps below to measure and cut the burlap fabric to fit the storage.

Apply using tacky glue.

Adhere the cording to the edges of the burlap using the glue gun.

Cut a piece of black cardstock to fit the slot on one bin.  Write the type of card on the paper.  Insert into the slot.  Repeat for the other bins.

Make medallions from the cording.  Apply glue to a paper circle.  Starting in the center; press the cording into the glue, making a spiral.  Adhere to the front of one bin.  Repeat for the remaining bins.

Glue the letters to the cording medallions as shown.  Now fill up your bins with all of those beautiful greeting cards you have made!

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