Tuesday, August 8, 2017

etch'Y'all a spooky plaque for Fall!

Still finding shade for that picnic, right?  Not to rush the good times of summer; but Fall is just around the bend!  For those of us who love to craft; we have to stay ahead of the curve!

I went on a treasure hunt at my local Goodwill a couple of days ago.  I am always on the hunt for something that I can make into a fun etched project.  I found this frame and made sure that it had glass in the frame and not plastic.  I added a few embellishments to finish off the project.  I really like the way it turned out!

If you have never etched before or need to brush up; watch this video by Barbee! Click here! Getting started

You will need:

etchall®: etching creme, squeegee, etchmask Stencil Combo Pack

Click on this link to find products!  etchall®

Frame:  6" x 10-1/2" matted frame for 3 pictures
Memory Paper:  12" square with Fall theme  (I used orange pattern)
Paper trimmer
Die-cut machine to cut letters
Embellishments:  Halloween theme
Clear liquid adhesive
Paper Towels
(Water close by to rinse project)


1.  Remove the glass from the frame and separate the mat from the back panel.  Clean the glass.

2.  Cut memory paper to fit the cardboard insert that goes behind the mat.  The reverse side of the mat I used was black.  If you  want to change the color of the mat it can be painted with acrylic paints or covered with memory paper.

3. Cut the letters to say BOO. on the die-cut machine.  Use the transfer paper to hold the letters in place.  I cut the letters 2" high.  Cut on a scrap of paper before cutting from the vinyl to make sure the letters will fit.

4.  Place the mat over the glass to make sure the placement will be correct for the vinyl letters.
The most challenging part is to get the vinyl letters completely straight.  This step takes a little more finesse!  
5.  Apply etchall creme to the glass following manufacturers instructions.  The creme will turn brown after several uses; but that is OK!  Make sure to scoop it back up and put it in the jar after you are finished.  It will be good for more uses!  I use the squeegee for that step.  After removing as much of the creme as possible; take the glass to the sink and wash all of the excess creme; remove the vinyl stencils; then dry.

6.  Once you have cleaned and dried the etched glass; assemble all of the parts to the frame.  Finish by adding the embellishments.  I chose to leave the glass clear for the letters and frost the rest of the glass.  You can also do this in reverse for a different look!

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Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

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