Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"YOU ARE MY SUPER HERO" Refrigerator Magnet

I have a Super Hero!  My husband!  I think he needs to be reminded once in a while.  Do you have someone you would like to honor?  Here is a project you might enjoy.

You will need:

Joy(R) embroidered letters:  3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 1" star.  Here's the link: http://joysa.com/letters.html
deflecto magnetic sheets:  #5901
acrylic paints:  Blue and Yellow
electronic die-cut machine (set on high pressure with deep cut blade)
die of choice
water bucket
paper towels and paper plate


1.  Adhere the magnetic sheet to die-cutter mat.  Set the dial to maximum pressure and preferably use a deep cut blade.  After cutting, fold the sheet on the cut line until it breaks open.  Then, carefully punch out the shape.

2.  Paint the first layer blue.  You don't need to paint the entire surface; just the border.

3.  Paint the top layer yellow.  Allow both to dry thoroughly.

4.  Adhere the top layer to the bottom layer.  You won't need a lot of adhesive.  Just enough to keep them from falling apart as the magnetic surfaces will stay together when applied to metal surface.

5.  Position the letters on the yellow layer.  I used a long tweezers to help pick up and place the letters.
Remove the release paper on the larger letters.  Use a strong holding tacky glue for the smaller letters.

6.  Once you apply all of the embroidered letters, the magnetic plaque is ready to hang on the refrigerator!
Let's celebrate the Super Hero's in our lives!

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