Monday, August 15, 2016

Monogrammed Mirror and Jar Decor with etchall(R)

Gather a recycled jar with lid; a soda bottle with the top cut off and dip'n'etch liquid.  You will need a beveled edge mirror and a 4" square mirror for the center.  I purchased a wooden painted easel and painted over it with a color that I chose for my theme.
You will need:

etchall (R):  dip n' etch liquid; etchall creme, squeegee; etchall(R); etchmask Stencil ComboPak
die cutting machine 
Multi-Surface FolkArt piant by Plaid(R)
Tacky Glue
Cording; 1 yard gold
Flowers; 1" pink mulberry paper
Corners:  gold filigree, 2
Pearls:  singles cut from pearlstring strand
water bucket
paper towels


1.  Follow the instructions given and attach the etchall transfer sheets to the etchall etchmask.  Cut the strips the size you want for applying stripes to the jar.  I cut them 1/2" x 4".  Cut enough to fit around the jar.

2.  Remove the release paper and apply evenly to the jar.  Use the squeegee to remove all and any air bubbles; then remove the transfer paper from the top of the etchmask.  

3.  Pour water into the soda bottle and insert the prepared jar.  Remove the jar and mark where the water line should be to prevent over-pouring.  Fill the soda bottle up to the marked line with etchall (R) dip 'n etch.
Fill the jar with water for added weight and place inside the soda bottle.  The etching liquid should come up to the top of the jar.  Set the timer for at least 15 minutes.  

4.  Remove the jar from the soda bottle.  Take care to pour the dip 'n etch back into the original bottle.  You can use it again!  Pour the water from the jar and rinse and dry it thoroughly.  Set it aside for now.

5.  Paint the lid with the Multi-Surface paint.  Allow to dry.  While the paint is out; paint the easel to match if you would like to change the color.

6.  For the beveled mirror:  Set the 4: square mirror in the center of the top of the larger mirror.  Use a pen or pencil to trace around the mirror.  Cut the strips to fit from the outer edges of the mirror into the marked line.  Remove the release paper from one strip of etchmask and attach it to the mirror.  Repeat with the remaining strips; spacing them evenly as shown.  Cut four 3/4" squares from the etchmask and adhere one to each corner of the mirror.  Use the squeegee to remove air bubbles; then remove the transfer paper from the etchmask.

7.  Lay the mirror on a flat surface and apply the etchall creme as directed by the manufacturer.  Set the timer for at least 15 minutes.  When time is up; place the creme back into the original container.  Rinse and dry the mirror thoroughly.  There is a great training video on the website if you have not etched before.  Here is the link:

8.  Die-cut the monogram and apply to the smaller mirror.  Repeat the process with the etching creme.  Remove the etchmask; rinse and dry the mirror.

9.  Use X-treme hold adhesive tabs to attach the monogrammed mirror to the center of the larger mirror. I used Tombow brand.

10:  To finish:  Adhere the cording one side at a time using the tacky glue.  Adhere cording around the neck and to the top of the jar.  I decorated the lid further with a 3" round mirror and glued the cording around the mirror.  Adhere the filigree corners to the bottom of the mirror and the flowers to the upper left hand corner.
You can make this your own by embellishing with your colors of choice.  I love finding recycled glass items to etch.  The thrift stores are a great place to start; but the craft store has much to offer as well!

On a personal note:  I will be taking these up to my mother's memorial service this next week-end.  She suffered for years with a mind robbing disease called Alzheimer's.  We are asking family and friends to donate toward the Alzheimer's foundation in lieu of flowers and the jar will be for people who donate at the site.  I will miss my mother; but we know she is in a much better place and free from a world that she no longer recognized.  

I hope you got some inspiration here today.....and I like getting comments if you would like to leave one.  Maybe you have a question.

Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and;

Live Life with a Flourish!


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