Sunday, September 25, 2016

etchall(R) for easy Halloween glass painting!

 Trick-or-Treat!  Give me something good to eat!
October is just a few days away!  I love decorating the house for Fall and planning my Halloween treats and gifts.  It is always best to make more than one and luckily the supplies can be found at your local craft store or online!  I will be showing how to use etchall(R) dip 'n etch liquid to get a great paint job on glass!

I use etchall(R) products to etch my glass before painting. Preparing the glass for paint will make the job go much easier and you will be very happy with the results. The etchall(R) gives tooth to the smooth texture of the glass which grabs the paint.  This makes the paint go on smoothly and evenly.  Read on and I will tell you how I do it!  The picture below are the projects I created using etchall(R).  Batilda and her minions!

You will need:

etchall(R):  dip 'n etch liquid
2-Liter plastic bottle with top cut off
Glass Bottle:  Heart shaped with a cork (the largest here is 8" tall with the cork...the smaller ones are 5")
Acrylic Paints:  Orange, Black, Teal, Brown, Yellow, White, Fleshtone, Green
Paintbrushes:  3/4" flat, #3 round
Stylus or toothpicks
Smoothfoam:  1-3/4" ball (small bottles); 2" ball (large bottle)
Permanent Marker:  Black with a fine tip
Cardstock:  black and dark green
Pom-pom:  1" Black
Wiggle eyes:  two 1/8"
Jute twine
Joy embroidered letters:  1" spelling BOO
Hot wire foam cutter or knife
Water bucket and paper towels
Marbles:  Smooth flat decorative (for weight)

5" tall bottle with 1-1/4" Smoothfoam Ball

1. Remove the cork from the bottle.  Cut the rounded bottom off of the Smoothfoam ball.  Adhere the flat side of the ball to the top of the cork.

2.  Etch:  Fill the glass bottle up with marbles for added weight.  Set the bottle in the plastic liter bottle.  Fill with water up to the neck of the glass bottle.  Remove the glass bottle and make a mark on the outside of the plastic bottle at the waterline.  Dump the water.  Put the bottle back in the plastic container and fill it to the ink mark with the dip 'n etch Liquid.  Set the timer for 15 minutes.

etchall dip 'n'etch liquid, smooth marbles for weight and a converted 2-liter bottle

3.  When the time is up; remove the bottle from the dip 'n etch liquid.  Empty the stones; rinse and dry.
Pour the dip 'n etch back into the original container.  The product is still good even after it turns color from other uses.  The picture above shows how mine has turned darker.  It still works very well.

Pumpkin Minion candy container

4.  Head:  Paint the head and cork (neck) Fleshtone.  Allow to dry.  Paint small white circles for the eyes.  Apply a tiny black dip dot in the center of each eye.  Draw a nose and mouth using the black marker.  Outline the eyes with the black marker.  Paint the teeth white.  Refer to each image to copy details for the face. Paint the bottle orange and highlight strokes (float) of brown.

5.  Below:  Head:  Follow painting instructions given above; add eyelids and paint teal.  Draw the nose and mouth; fill in with black and paint the teeth white.

6.  Batilda Bottle:  Paint the bottle as shown; leave a clear space down the front to show the candy that is inside. Paint a black cape and apply white dip dots using the eraser of a new pencil.  Use a toothpick to dot the center of the eyes and for getting into small spaces.

Batilda candy container

7.  If you are new to drawing faces....practice first by drawing on a piece of paper.  The eyes are circles; the nose is a U and the mouth is like a crescent moon on it's side.  Use a light touch when you add the features to the face.  I will paint my hair on first; being careful to leave plenty of room for the face.  Use a pencil to draw on the features after the Fleshtone paint has dried.  This will help with placement and you will have success!

8.  For Batilda's head piece:  Fold a 3" x 6" piece of black cardstock in half, matching the short edges.  Draw one bat wing up to the middle fold.  Cut out; unfold and glue the pom-pom to the fold.  Glue the wiggle eyes to the pom-pom.  Glue to the top of her head.

Bespeckled Minion candy container

9.  Follow instructions #7 to draw this minions face using the photo given.

10.  Put your own special touches on these minions and their master!  I think they are fun and silly and I hope you got some inspiration here today.  I enjoy getting comments and questions.  Please leave them below if you have one!

We will all be raking up a lot of leaves this next month.  I hope you are enjoying your Fall weather!

Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way, and

Live Life with a Flourish!


Note:  I receive a small stipend for sharing my
creativity to showcase etchall(R) products.

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  1. I love Batilda! what a cute name! Their faces are all darling (but a little spooky)!!! I still haven't attempted etchall or painting on glass. One of these days maybe?? :-) still trying to get caught up on sewing stuff.