Monday, December 5, 2016

etchall'd Mirror Wall Hanging for Christmas

Years ago I discovered a wonderful etching product called 
etchall (R).  I had a space I needed to fill with a Christmas
decoration and decided to create my own. 
I gathered some materials and went to work!

To complete this project you will need:

etchall (R) products:  etching creme, squeegee, detail pick, etchmask    Link:
craft mirrors:  three 6" high oval
wide burlap ribbon:  one yard, 3-1/2" wide
red burlap
fusible web
sheer ribbon:  one yard, 1-1/4" wide
1/8" red ribbon
jingle bells:  one 1-1/2", six 3/4"
Christmas spray pik
electronic die cutting machine:  Cut out 3" high letters spelling JOY
glue gun and glue sticks
tacky glue
paper towels


1.  If you have never used etchall (R)  products; then begin by watching this video.  Barbee will describe how to get started in her video.

2.  Cut out your letters from the etchall (R) etchmask.  Set aside.

3.  Clean the mirrors and dry thoroughly.  Remove the release paper from one letter. The letters I cut out had small circles cut within each letter.  I used the etchall pick tool to remove the tiny circles.  Remove the release paper from one letter.  Center the letter on a mirror and adhere.  Use the squeegee tool to remove any air bubbles.  Repeat for each letter.

4.  Follow the instructions given on the etchall(R) creme bottle and thoroughly cover the surface of each mirror with the creme.  Apply a thick layer; gently smoothing over the top with the squeegee tool.  *Note:  The creme has turned a dark shade of brown because it has been re-used several times.  This color does not change the effectiveness of the creme.  You will return the creme to the jar when you are done for another use!

5.  Let the etchall creme do it's thing.  It will take about 15 minutes.  When the time is up' scrape the creme back into the bottle for a later use, then rinse the mirrors, removing any residue.  Remove the etchmask and rinse again.  Dry thoroughly using a soft cloth.

6.  Burlap borders:  Apply fusible web to the back of a 14" square of red burlap; following the manufacturers directions.  Turn the burlap so the release paper is facing up and trace around each mirror leaving about a 1//2" space between each tracing.  Cut out around one oval leaving a 1/4" border.  Repeat for each burlap oval.

6.  Cut the piece of burlap ribbon.  Cut a V in the bottom end.  Fold under the top edge  and glue; making a 1" casing for the ribbon hanger.  Thread ribbon through the casing and tie the ends together making a hanger.

7. Glue the bells and Christmas picks to the top of the ribbon. Center and adhere the mirrors to the ribbon as shown. Thread the 1/8" ribbon tails through each bell, tying a knot after it to secure.  The picture below shows the wall hanging before the Christmas sprays were glued to the top.

8.  The photo below is about how your wall hanging should look when it is finished.  Personalize the wall hanging to match your own decor.  It is hanging in my "country room" with lots of traditional Christmas colors.  I have two more rooms I decorate with romantic country and elegance.  I would use different colors for those rooms.

I hope you have gotten some inspiration here today.  Be sure to visit the etchall (R) website to check out a plethora of awesome products.   I have only shown a few here today.

Make sure to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!



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