Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vinyl Hippie Flower Coasters and Flower Pot

Decorate a terracotta pot with vinyl to make a container for summer celebrations!  Ceramic tiles make great coasters too!

You will need:

Fluorescent Craft Vinyl:  Pink F01, Yellow F03, Green F06, Blue F07
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Transfer Tape:  Clear
Terracotta Pot:  10" wide (rim) x 9" tall
4" Tiles:  4 white ceramic
Paints:  White gloss enamel (multi surface)
Paintbrush or sponge brush
Die-cut machine
Paper Punch: 1/4"
Felt pads:  1"; 4 for each coaster
Rubbing Alcohol & cotton balls
Water bucket
Paper towels
Paper plate


1.  Clean the outside of the terracotta pot and ceramic coasters with rubbing alcohol using a cotton ball.  Allow to dry.

2.  Paint the pot with gloss enamel paint following the manufacturer's directions.

3.  Cut various sizes of hippie flowers using the die-cut machine.  The largest flower is 4" wide; the smallest is 1-1/2".  The centers of the flowers are circles which are also cut with the die-cut machine. The smallest circles are 1/4" wide.

4.  Apply the transfer paper to the top of the die-cut flowers following manufacturer's instructions. The transfer tape will allow you to pick the part of the design you don't need that you will discard.
Keep the transfer tape on the vinyl until it is applied to the surface you are decorating.  Firmly press down on the vinyl to get good adhesion; remove the transfer tape.  

5. Add the circles to the centers of the flowers.

6.  Cut words to adhere to the rim of the pot.  The size will be determined by the font you are using.  
The words that I used are Smiles, Celebrate, Blessed, Adventure.

7.  Coasters:  Place and adhere the flowers to the coasters as shown.  Overlap and trim the flower petals in several places.  Adhere the circles to the center of the flowers.

8.  Adhere the felt pads to the bottom of the coasters to prevent scratches.

I hope you got some inspiration here today.  Vinyl works great on many surfaces and this same idea could be applied for any holiday or occasion.

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. So cute, and of course great colors! I love the coasters.