Sunday, October 22, 2017

Etch a Man Cave Masterpiece!

Welcome to the blog today!  I have a fun idea to share!  I don't know about you, but I love shopping at thrift stores to find treasures that I can up-cycle.  For the project shown below; I found an antique mirror with a heavy wooden frame.  I thought it would be perfect for a rustic piece of home decor and came up with this etched project.  

There are a few special supplies that you will need and they are listed below:

You will need: 

mirror with frame or something similar from thrift store  

etchall® Click on link here: etchall bee-ginner kit  

paper towels
access to water for rinsing


1.  If you are brand new to etching; I recommend you watch the how-to video by Barbee, the owner of etchall(R) here:  Instructional video by Barbee

2.  Clean the mirror and wipe clean.  Cut the design.  You will use the negative part of the stencil.

3. Apply the transfer paper to the vinyl.  Use the pick to weed the vinyl; taking out the part of the design that you won't need.  You will be weeding the parts that you want to etch; i.e. the mustache, letters and numbers.

4.  Line up the vinyl design on the glass; remove any air bubbles using the squeegee.  Remove the transfer paper once vinyl is smoothed onto the glass.

5.  Remove the lid from the etchall creme and pour over the stencil.  Gently smooth the creme over the entire design, it can be fairly thick.  Set the timer for 15 minutes.  When time is up; scoop the creme up and put it back into the jar.  It won't matter if the creme is turning shades of brown.  It is still good for another use!

6.  Carry the mirror to the sink and rinse off the excess creme.  Remove the vinyl and complete the cleaning.  Dry thoroughly.

7.  You now have a great piece of home decor!  I love the rustic quality of this piece and think it will go very nicely in a mountain cabin.  It is also a fun piece for the man cave!  Let your imagination guide you as you peruse the thrift stores. etchall(R) will turn any glass or mirrored surface into a masterpiece!  You can also etch on slate, china, and more!  Etching glass before painting also gives the paint something to grab onto!  

Hope you got some ideas here today and enjoy your own adventure with etchall(R).  There is a saying that I learned many years ago that I adhere to:  "Whatever the mind can conceive and perceive; it can achieve!!"  I love that!

Make sure to take the time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and;

Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. Cute saying! There are lot of men out there that could/need use a nickle shave!

    Thanks for trying so hard with the pictures, I know how hard it is to photograph mirror.