Friday, May 27, 2016

Etch a DIY gift of coffee from a recycled jar!

Recycle a jar and lid to create this special etched jar for the coffee lover!  I think it is perfect for a friend or as a daily reminder for yourself!  It was a quick and easy project with the help of etchall pre-made stencils!

You can find the vinyl stencils here:

You will need:

etchall tools:  Detail Pick Tool  
etchall vinyl stencil:  "You are Brew-tiful"

recycled jar with lid
painters tape
ribbon:  black and white grosgrain with chevron design (1-1/2")
tacky glue
glue gun  *optional
clothespins:  spring action


Remove the release paper to expose the sticky side of the vinyl stencil.  Adhere to the jar; smoothing out all of the air bubbles.  Use the etchall pick to remove all of the letters as that is where you will be putting the etching creme.  This is a good time to watch Barbee's video if you have never etched or used etchall's stencils to etch.  Here is the video:

Apply the painter's tape around the stencil and make a lip so the creme won't go past the stencil onto the glass.  Use a couple of heavier objects to hold your jar in place by setting them on either side of the jar as shown.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply the etching creme.  I use the squeegee and a craft stick for this step.  Notice that luscious chocolaty look of the etching creme?  It starts out a light color and over time will turn dark.  This doesn't affect the etching power of the product; so use it over and over.  Return the creme to the container using the squeegee after the 15 minute waiting period is up.

Remove the tape and stencil, then wash and dry your jar.  See the etch?  Isn't that cool?? 

Cut 3 pieces of the ribbon slightly longer than the edges of the jar lid.  Match the pattern with the middle piece of ribbon on the top.  Apply tacky glue to the top of the lid and adhere the ribbons as shown.

Trim the excess ribbon off around the edges of the jar lid.  Use your finger to gently apply a little tacky glue around the raw edges of the ribbon to keep it from fraying.

Measure around the circumference of the jar lid.  cut a piece of the ribbon the same length.  Fold the ribbon in two, wrong sides facing and adhere the sides together.

 I used tacky glue for this step so needed to clip the sides together until the glue dried.  You can use a glue gun if you want the process to go faster.

Once the glue is dry; adhere the folded ribbon around the edges of the jar lid with the fold facing up.  Tuck in any frayed edges of the ribbons on the top of the lid.  You can further embellish the jar by tying a tag around the neck of the jar, etc.

Fill the jar with coffee beans, Keurig cups or your choice of coffee.  Maybe your friend is a tea drinker!

I hope you got a little inspiration here today to make life better for someone; maybe for yourself!
I would love for you to leave me a comment or question.  I enjoy getting feedback!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way, and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


*Designer tip:  If the etch doesn't show up as much as you would like; use a permanent white inkpad and tissue to deepen the etched design.  

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SmoothfoamR "no measuring" Wreath Base

SmoothfoamR has a new wreath form that takes away the need to measure!  It is perfect for changing up the colors when you want to space them evenly.

Do you like Alice in Wonderland?  We do!  We are doing a DIY wedding in August.  This wreath will be on the door in June just in time for the bridal shower!  The theme is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party!  We have all kinds of fun plans for decorating and this is the first piece. The wedding colors are black and white stripe, teal and pale shimmer gold with a touch of pink.  It is fun incorporating the wedding colors into the bridal shower.  

I will show you the process starting with the Smoothfoam wreath forms.  I chose the smaller size for my wreath.

Cut the ribbon and use the measured indentations on the wreath to space it properly.  The glue gun works best for a quick adhesion to the wreath.

I wrapped the narrower ribbon around the wreath several times to fill in the space; gluing it on the wrong side.

I added a lot of texture to this wreath as you will see in the following pictures.  I pinched the wire edged ribbon at intervals of about 4" and hot glued the pinched portion to the wreath.

I purchased several rolls of black and white ribbon using mainly the black and white stripe.  I made shoestring bows from the ribbons, trimming the tails in a V.  The ribbons were hot glued to the wreath in intervals.  I followed up with the flower blossoms and some leaves; then adhered pom-poms to the tails of the ribbons as shown.  This process was not that exacting; but I did use my background as a guide.

My final touches were adding a Mad Hatter's hat and the Cheshire Cat's face to the wreath.  

For the cat's face:  I pinned an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of pink shimmer paper to the back of the wreath so it would show through the center.  The eyes are paper punch layers with an iris cut from the black paper.  I adhered the layers together, centered and glued to the pink paper as shown.  I drew the mouth with a black permanent marker, cut it out and adhered it to the pink paper as shown.  The nose is a piece of black cardstock that I cut out and glued to the face.

I hope you got some inspiration here today and will try out the new Smoothfoam wreath forms.  They are the perfect solution to a quick and easy application of embellishments.

We are looking forward to all the festivities and still have lots of DIY to finish up!

Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


Look for the new wreaths on their website!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Deflecto for DIY Wedding Table Markers

wedding table markers marilyn gossett

We have a wedding coming this summer! I get to be the DIY wedding decorator and I am so excited. My daughter has chosen her colors and now I get to put my hand to the task of creating table decorations and more! We have lots to do and this is just the'll see more of my wedding projects in some other blog posts.....

For the table markers I put together the following supplies:

Deflecto: 3" x 4" mini sign holders 

Joy embroidered numbers
Cardstock -  teal, black, black/ivory stripes, gold glitter, turquoise glitter
Rhinestone trim
Pearl embellishments
Adhesives, scissors, paper trimmer, glue gun


To make one of the flowers, cut the teal cardstock (12"x12") into nine equal squares. Cut off the four corners of one square making it round - it doesn't have to be perfect. Cut it into a spiral shape, about 3/8" thick. Leave a little circle in the middle. Roll the spiral into the form of a rose. Adhere the circle on the bottom to the rest of the flower to secure. A glue gun works best for this step, especially if you have multiple flowers to secure.  I use my fingers and thumbnail to distress the edges of the rose.  Repeat for each flower. Cut smaller squares of cardstock for smaller roses.

Cut out leaves by hand or with a die-cutting machine. If you cut out a heart and cut it in two; you can more easily shape each half into a leaf. Add the leaves after gluing the flowers to the frame.

To frame each table number, cut mattes from the cardstock as follows:

Stripe/teal:  3" x 4"
Gold:  2" x 2-1/2"
Black:  2-1/8" x 2-3/8"

Center and adhere the gold paper to the slightly larger black paper.  Center and adhere to the background paper 1/2" up from the bottom edge. Insert into the frame.

Embellish the outside of the frame with the faux rhinestone trim, flowers and leaves. Glue one pearl into the center of each rose.

Remove the backing from each number; center and adhere to each frame as shown in the photo given.

Thanks for taking time to stop by today.  I hope you got some inspiration for your next event.

Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


To make a matching wedding sign for the Mr. & Mrs. click here!

A "perfect-o" Deflecto DIY wedding!

joy embroidered letters wedding table marker

Weddings are a joyous occasion! We have a wedding coming up this summer and I am busy helping with DIY projects to decorate the venue.

Last month I blogged about the table markers that I created with the Joy embroidered letters. I have completed the table marker project with this beauty that will sit at the head table with the bride and groom.

To create this sign you will need the following:

  • Joy embroidered letters, spelling Mr. and Mrs. with the last name
  • 12" acrylic sign holder (by Deflecto)
  • Cardstock - black/white stripe, plus solid black, teal, green
  • Gold glitter cardstock
  • Pearl beads, star embellishment
  • Paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive
  • Self-adhesive faux rhinestone trim
  • Die-cutting machine with die-cut for scalloped ovals
  • Paper flowers


To make hand-rolled paper flowers, cut cardstock into various sized circles 2" - 4" in diameter - they don't have to be perfect. Cut each circle into a 3/8" spiral. Leave a little circle in the middle. Roll the spiral into the form of a rose. Use a hot glue gun to secure the rolled spiral at the bottom. I use my fingers and thumbnail to distress the edges of the rose.

Cut out leaves by hand or with a die-cutting machine. If you cut out a heart from a folded sheet, then cut the heart in half along the fold, you can more easily shape each half into a leaf.

Cut the striped cardstock to fit the size of the acrylic sign holder, then trim black and teal sheets to fit behind the couple's last name. Layer and adhere these background papers together and slide into the sign holder.

Die-cut a pair of scalloped ovals from cardstock (larger black and smaller gold glitter) for each letter. Glue to the outside of the sign holder, then center and adhere each letter on top as shown. Embellish your table marker with the flowers, leaves and rhinestone trim. Glue a pearl into the center of each flower.

Spell your name in Joy letters, available at your local craft store!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you got some inspiration here today!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


Deflecto Cube Storage for Parties and Events

WELCOME SPRING!  There is a reason to celebrate almost every month of the year and Deflecto has just the products for you to put on a successful event!  The cube storage that I am featuring on my blog today can be used for craft storage or for the party/event table!  I am showing some ideas for the party table.  There so many looks you can achieve.

Stackable Cube Organizer - "X" Divider pictured above.

For the bin pictured above you will need the following supplies:

Deflecto:  x cube storage; Sign Tag with wet erase white chalk pen
washi tape to match your project
jute string
button embellishments
stamped sentiment (optional)
12" x 12" cardstock sheet (your choice of colors and print)

4-drawer stackable cube organizer pictured above.

Sign Tag with wet erase chalkpen/marker

What do I need to decorate the cubes for a party or event?  

For each cube you will need to cut a 12 x 12" cardstock sheet into four 6" squares.  Trim any excess and fit around all sides except for the bottom.

Adhere the squares together at the seams using Washi tape.

Embellish the outside of each drawer.  I layered scalloped circles and glued a button on to finish.

Inside of drawers.  cut a strip of paper to fit the bottom of one drawer.  Insert.  Repeat for the remaining drawers.

Fill the drawers with candy or other little goodies.  Bubblegum balls in theme colors look cute in the drawers.

I hope you got some inspiration from the blog post today.  Check out all of our design team posts!

Make sure to take the time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and;

Live Life with a Flourish!


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Candy Bins for a Wedding Celebration!

What is a wedding without sweets, right?  I have a great idea for using a deflecto craft storage bin to serve up treats for the wedding guests.

The "star" of this project will be the 5 bin unit by Deflecto. I used 3" black collegiate letters.  They have an adhesive on the back side that is meant to be temporary; as the real adhesive is heat activated.  In this case; I removed the release paper from each letter and applied one to each bin to spell "CANDY".  You should be able to remove them after the wedding and use the bins for craft storage.

You will need:

Deflecto:  Craft Tilt Bin by ; a 5 bin unit
Joy:  3" black embroidered letters to spell CANDY
Black spray paint for use on acrylic plastic (or color of your choice)
Trim:  single strand faux rhinestone self-adhesive
painters tape
clear packing tape or newspaper

  • Remove the bins from the unit.  Line them up on a flat surface.  Remove the release paper from one letter, center and apply to the bin.  Leave it loose until all of the letters are lined up evenly.  Repeat for each letter.

Close-up View below
  • Tape off all areas you do not want to apply paint to.  You may choose to leave the bin unit white.  That is perfectly OK!
  • Cover up any small holes with painters tape on the inside edges of the unit.
  • I applied clear packing tape across the front to protect the inside of the unit.  Then, applied painters tape around the front edges.
  • In a well ventilated area; follow the manufacturer's instructions and paint the entire unit with the exception of the inside.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Remove the tape.  Reinsert the bins.

  • Each bin will have a slot and paper to identify what is inside.  Embellish the edges with the faux rhinestone trim.
If you would like to know how I made the mini faux cakes on top of the candy bin; check out the blog post link here:

Thank you for checking out the blog today.  Hope you got some inspiration for your next celebration.  I am going to do "BABY" with a four bin unit next!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!


Look for deflecto Crafts  products on Amazon.
Check this link for more deflecto products:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Light up someone's Mother's Day!

Do you need an idea to light up someone's life for Mother's Day this month?  
My little lamp is made from a ball jar and very cool lamp shade from etchallR.  Follow along and I will tell you what you need to create your own cool lamp!

You will need:
etchallR:  dip 'n etch
quart jar
wooden candle cup or spool
chalk paints
trims:  ribbon with beads and sequins; sheer polyester flowers by the roll
flowers:  I made my own from cardstock but you can use any kind
glue gun
tacky glue
painter's tape
recycled plastic container for etching
marbles or something heavy to weight the jar


  1.   Follow Manufacturer's directions to etch your jar.  There is a great tutorial on the site that will give you many tips.  Here is the link:  Also, check out Barbee's Tips and Tricks if you haven't etched before. The etching will allow the jar to have "tooth" that will hold the paint.  This is useful anytime you are painting on a glass surface.  "etch" it first! Don't throw away the etchall!  Pour it back in the container for another use.  (Color doesn't matter!)
  2. Completely wash and dry the jar after etching.  Apply the painter's tape; measuring even spaces between the tape.  Paint your first color.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  This should take a couple of hours.  Remove the tape and take along the sides of your first color.  Paint your second color of stripes.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  
  3. Paint the lid of the jar and the wooden piece you have chosen to activate the light switch on the shade.  I used a candle cup; but a wooden spool the right size will also work nicely.
  4. Decorate and embellish your shade.  I used the shade pattern given in the kit and cut out a shade from paper.  I decorated the paper lampshade and placed it over the acrylic lampshade.  I used tacky glue for the trims and the glue gun to apply the embellishments to the jar.  The pearls were cut from pearlstring and adhered to the middle of each flower.  I cut a few flowers from the sheer trim on a roll and glued them amongst the paper flowers.  Cut some green leaves from cardstock and glue them among the flowers.
  5. Adhere the candle cup to the center of the lid.  Place the shade on top.  The lights will be activated whenever you want them to be!
If you are wondering where you can find the bead trim on the ribbon; usually you will find this at your local fabric store in the trim section.  It is sold by the yard.  Some stores will have it pre-packaged though it is not as easy to find as it used to be.

Designer tip:  You now have a lamp base that is a whole empty jar!  Why not hide your stash, chocolates or an extra little something in the jar?  I am sure you will figure something out!

I hope you got some inspiration here today.  I am attaching another photo of another lamp I made, but with a patriotic theme.  I love these shades and want to try them on everything!  Summer is coming and these lamps are PERFECT for outside celebrations.

Here is the link if you would like instructions to this lamp!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!


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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chibi Lights/Deflecto Challenge

We have discovered a little light that is perfect for lighting up party and event signage as well as many other craft projects!  These lights are called Chibi Lights and are made by Chibitronics.  I have used the lights to "light up" a cupcake stand for a birthday party!  Read on, and I will tell you how I did it!

You will need:

Chibi Lights:  3 white, coin battery and copper tape
Deflecto:  3 Tier Dessert Stand #20201CR; Versa Grip Wide Clip Sign Holder
Birthday themed stickers
12" Cardstock:  Coordinating colors with stickers
Trim:  2 yards of sequin & seed beads attached to ribbon
Adhesives:  tacky glue, dimensional dots
Hole Punch


  1. Unwrap and follow manufacturer's instructions to assemble the dessert stand.  Make sure to secure all of the tabs in the slots. 
  2. Check out what is in your Chibi Lights box.  There is a small learning curve to using the lights.  I used the parallel circuit template, attaching the battery on the wrong side of the decoration.
  3. Adhere the chosen sticker to a piece of cardstock.  Cut out leaving a 1/8" border of cardstock.  Lay on a contrasting piece of cardstock and trace around the sticker.  Repeat; and cut this piece out 1/8" larger than the traced line.
  4. Punch 3 holes in the sticker piece.  Lay on top of the matching piece and trace the inside of the punched holes onto the cardstock.  
  5. Adhere the copper tape following the manufacturer's instruction on each side of the traced holes.  Leave extra tape on one end to attach the battery to the back. Attach the lights as directed.
  6. Layer and adhere the sticker piece over the top of the lights; matching the holes to the lights.
  7. Adhere this piece to the larger piece that will make the border around the sticker.

You can light up as many embellishments as you like.  The circuits will work best if no more than 3 lights are applied to one battery.

Embellish the stand:  Refer to photo given.  Remove the tiers from the stand.  Adhere the trim around each tier.  Replace the tiers and secure.  Adhere an embellishment to each tier using adhesive dots.  Use the wide clip sign holder to attach the chibi light embellishment to the stand.  

Hope you got some inspiration here today.  The possibilities are endless! 

Make sure to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


To order:  Chibitronics @

Deflecto @


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