Monday, April 11, 2016

Bling for Spring! Decorate a Deflecto Pencil Holder!

Spring has sprung!  Out comes the sun, colorful flowers, everything green and some bling!

You will need:

Deflecto pink pencil holder
Deflecto sign tags 
Deflecto wet erase marker
roll of faux rhinestone trim
adhesive backed faux rhinestone trim
die-cut black flourish
glue (I used "Tack- it over and over"....for permanent adhesive choose a strong tacky glue.)
black acrylic paint
black craft boa; 1" wide
pencil erasers; pink
low melt glue gun
flat paint brush; 1/2" to 3/4"


1.  Cut the faux rhinestone sheet to fit around the outside of each side of the pencil holder.
2.  Lay flat; wrong side up and lightly apply glue to the cut pieces.  Let dry until tacky.  *Designer note:  I recommend adult supervision if you use the Tack-It glue.  For young crafters; use a regular tacky glue.
3.  Adhere to the outsides of the pencil holder.
4.  Open the pencil holder.

5.  Measure and adhere the self-adhesive faux rhinestone trim around the opening where a picture can go. Apply the sides first; then fit the smaller top and bottom pieces so the ends don't overlap.

6.  Cut 2 pieces of the sign tag to fit in the picture openings.  Leave 1/2" extending above the top edges of the holder.  Using the wet erase marker, write pencils on one; write pens on the other.  Write a message on the wet erase sign tag and insert where you would normally put a picture.  You can always put a picture or two in those slots if you like!  Let the ink dry before re-inserting into the slot or handling.

7.  Pencils:  If you decide to decorate some pencils; you will do it as follows:  Paint the pencils with the acrylic paint and allow to dry thoroughly.  Glue a piece of the faux rhinestone sheet around the pencil.  Glue a piece of boa around the top of the pencil.  Place the pink eraser over the regular eraser.

The pencil holder is ready to go!  I love the bling!  I shopped at my local Michaels store for the trims I used on this project.

Remember to let your imagination be your guide!  There are lots of crafty options for decorating these cool pencil holders from Deflecto.  I hope you enjoyed the project and got some inspiration here today!

Remember to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!


Disclaimer:  I exchanged my original design for product
compensation from Deflecto Crafts.  

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