Monday, May 2, 2016

Light up someone's Mother's Day!

Do you need an idea to light up someone's life for Mother's Day this month?  
My little lamp is made from a ball jar and very cool lamp shade from etchallR.  Follow along and I will tell you what you need to create your own cool lamp!

You will need:
etchallR:  dip 'n etch
quart jar
wooden candle cup or spool
chalk paints
trims:  ribbon with beads and sequins; sheer polyester flowers by the roll
flowers:  I made my own from cardstock but you can use any kind
glue gun
tacky glue
painter's tape
recycled plastic container for etching
marbles or something heavy to weight the jar


  1.   Follow Manufacturer's directions to etch your jar.  There is a great tutorial on the site that will give you many tips.  Here is the link:  Also, check out Barbee's Tips and Tricks if you haven't etched before. The etching will allow the jar to have "tooth" that will hold the paint.  This is useful anytime you are painting on a glass surface.  "etch" it first! Don't throw away the etchall!  Pour it back in the container for another use.  (Color doesn't matter!)
  2. Completely wash and dry the jar after etching.  Apply the painter's tape; measuring even spaces between the tape.  Paint your first color.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  This should take a couple of hours.  Remove the tape and take along the sides of your first color.  Paint your second color of stripes.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  
  3. Paint the lid of the jar and the wooden piece you have chosen to activate the light switch on the shade.  I used a candle cup; but a wooden spool the right size will also work nicely.
  4. Decorate and embellish your shade.  I used the shade pattern given in the kit and cut out a shade from paper.  I decorated the paper lampshade and placed it over the acrylic lampshade.  I used tacky glue for the trims and the glue gun to apply the embellishments to the jar.  The pearls were cut from pearlstring and adhered to the middle of each flower.  I cut a few flowers from the sheer trim on a roll and glued them amongst the paper flowers.  Cut some green leaves from cardstock and glue them among the flowers.
  5. Adhere the candle cup to the center of the lid.  Place the shade on top.  The lights will be activated whenever you want them to be!
If you are wondering where you can find the bead trim on the ribbon; usually you will find this at your local fabric store in the trim section.  It is sold by the yard.  Some stores will have it pre-packaged though it is not as easy to find as it used to be.

Designer tip:  You now have a lamp base that is a whole empty jar!  Why not hide your stash, chocolates or an extra little something in the jar?  I am sure you will figure something out!

I hope you got some inspiration here today.  I am attaching another photo of another lamp I made, but with a patriotic theme.  I love these shades and want to try them on everything!  Summer is coming and these lamps are PERFECT for outside celebrations.

Here is the link if you would like instructions to this lamp!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. This is REALLY REALLY cute! I have a real "thing" for little lamps! Love the lampshade and the lights... I may have to attempt this (after the end of May)..... too much going on right now and no mother to make one for (sad)..... but love it.. also the paper flowers that look gold are gorgeous! (did you use gold spray?).... MJ

  2. Thanks, Marilyn! Actually, I didn't want to adhere everything directly to the acrylic I used the pattern and created one from vintage white. Then, I glued the sheer flower trim around the lampshade. It surprised me when it lit up with a yellowish color. Look how cool the lights shone out of the lamp. Made a really cool pattern.